Friday, 10 February 2012

Public Investment in The Age of Austerity

Now that austerity is the buzzword of all economic healing, I'd like to point out what public investment projects, ranging from bridges, roads and steel works to schools, social security programs and space travels can actually reap for the longer term.

The "Biocapsule" is basically a nano-technology based skin-implanted "fixes everything" device that NASA has developed. That would not be the first thing that NASA develops that becomes a common part of everyday modern life. The ball-point pen and Teflon coated frying pans are just two examples.

If half of what NASA claims this thing can do, it's fantastic! I've got a friend who's diabetic and I cannot begin imagining the added comfort for him not having to carry his insulin around all the time.

Check out this NASA video of many. Public investments aren't all bad. Even in the age of austerity, it would be unwise to cut back funding on public investment, simply because they can, and do, bring huge and almost unimaginable benefits for the longer term.

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